International & Heritage Languages Association
Winner of the 2016 UNESCO Linguapax Award!

IHLA Board of Directors:


Antonella Cortese

Comitato Promotore della Lingua Italiana


Renata Krawczyk 

Children's Polish Theatre


Krystyna Dembowski

Henryka Sienkiewcza Polish School


Kuljeet  Buhee

Ramgarhia Khalsa School

Members at Large:

Sona Grigoryan

Armenian School of Edmonton

Eyup Ozturk

Nebula Academy

Nina Paulovicova

Slovak Heritage School in Edmonton

Anupama Deshpande

Edmonton Marathi Shala

Members Emeritus:

Josephine Pallard

Edmonton Filipino Language and Culture School

Jaspal  Bansal

Ramgarhia Khalsa School


Trudie Aberdeen

Truong Lac Hong School

About The International and Heritage Languages Association

Prior to 1977, heritage language schools operated in isolation. Thanks to a grant offered by the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism, heritage language schools participated in a conference attended uniquely by and for heritage language school teachers. Once teachers in schools discovered that their challenges and rewards were similar across schools regardless of the languages they taught, they decided to continue to learn from one another and the organization was born. The tradition of learning from each other continues to this day. 


IHLA membership provides a number of benefits for students, teachers, leadership, and schools. If you join us you will have:

a) an opportunity to join the IHLA Mentorship Program 

b) the IHLA Newsletter which provides news and information about our activities and initiatives 

c) IHLA teachers' professional development and training, specific for teachers of heritage language schools (free of cost to members in good standing)

d) access to a wide range of educational and organization support and advice from our office (based on funds availability each year)

e) access to the Canadian Languages Network (CLN), an Internet-based information retrieval service

f) individualized support and guidance to continue or pursue teacher certification pathways in Alberta 

g) access to professional journals and associations as well as a variety of learning resources, through the IHLA learning resource centre

h) opportunities for participation in IHLA's annual "International Mother Language Day" event (February 21) which provides opportunities for promotion of your school program within IHLA's multicultural community

i) professional guidance and support to set up school policies and sound pedagogical approaches to language teaching

IHLA Documents:

The Constitution and Bylaws

The Professional Standards