International & Heritage Languages Association

The International and Heritage Languages Association invites you to submit a professional development session proposal for the 2017-2018 school year.

IHLA is has been offering its members PD sessions for 40 years. Each year IHLA offers between 10-12 professional learning opportunities for all who work in international and heritage language schools—teachers, administration, and volunteers. IHLA members are a very diverse group and could be heritage language speakers with no teacher training, internationally-trained teachers, or Alberta-trained teachers. Each of IHLA’s 30+ member schools is unique in its approach, instructional methodology, and goals. We are currently seeking presenters especially for topics related to:

  • School management (school marketing, grant applications, policy documents, assistance with new immigrant families)
  • Curriculum design (AE- LDCs, CEFR, task-based language teaching or project-based learning)
  • Student evaluation (rubrics, portfolios, intake/student leveling assessments, testing)
  • Classroom specific issues (classroom management, motivation, or language learning games)
  • Teacher professionalization
  • Language teaching issues (oral language development, literacy development, or global citizenship)
  • Creation of learner profiles (level tests, error analysis, macro and micro language skills, portfolio assessment)
  • Technology (digital storytelling, Google for educators, Kahoot!, Quizlet, technology usage policy)
  • And extra-curricular activities (fine arts, school trips, school concerts, sports)

Desired presenter knowledge, skills and attitudes include:

Please send your professional development proposal to The following information is required to submit your proposal:

1. name, phone number and email address
2. title of your session,
3. a description of the session,
4. a speaker biography,
5. equipment needed to carry out the session
6. And, the group of teachers for whom the session is intended for (early learning, elementary, secondary, or adults.