International & Heritage Languages Association
Winner of the 2016 UNESCO Linguapax Award!

Heritage Language (HL) is widely construed as a language spoken in the home that is different from the main language spoken in local communities. As other Heritage Language schools, Gurukul Nepal of Edmonton is a community-based education centre that is setup to promote Nepali Heritage Language and cultural learning for over 4,000 Nepali immigrants in Greater Edmonton Region of Northern Alberta.

The School, as a weekend program, is operated by We and the World Centre in Edmonton, Alberta to teach Nepali language to the children from elementary to junior high. Most of the learners at Gurukul are either born in Canada or came to Canada in a very early stage of their lives. Adopting the Canadian way of life and language, therefore, comes naturally to them and they tend to deviate from their HL acquisition. So, Gurukul aims at responding to this challenge of improving HL skills. The School’s core objects are to promote self-esteem in learners, enhance formation of their personal and cultural identity, prepare learners for living and working in cross-cultural environments, and provide opportunities for students to communicate with families, bridging gaps between generations in both language and culture.