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Winner of the 2016 UNESCO Linguapax Award!

The Kiswahili Learning Centre

The Kiswahili Learning Centre (Kilece) is a centre of excellence dedicated to offering holistic foreign language instruction, Intercultural training and Go Abroad Pre-departure orientation that empowers you to apply the knowledge in real life beyond the classroom setting. Whether you are in Edmonton, Ottawa or other parts of Canada, we have capabilities to deliver our simplified and effective language  training to you through our in-class instruction or distance learning delivery model. 

Swahili language is spoken in over 12 countries. Kiswahili is the language that gave the world the following words: Kijiji, Simba and Hakuna Matata!

Our current and prospective students ages vary from 6 years of age to over 60 years of age. We have a team of 11 teaching and non teaching staff that are spread out in our Edmonton and Ottawa Centres.  

Our classes are on Saturdays 9am to 1pm and on Wednesdays, 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Other class times can be arranged based on the students availability.
Kilece offers a theme based instruction curriculum with most of the lesson themes reflecting the everyday life that a student experiences outside the classroom.
Kilece invites you to choose from many services that we can offer:
     - Foreign Languages (Kiswahili etc.) instruction and speaking practice labs
     - Go Abroad Pre-departure Training
     - Intercultural training and briefing
     - Kiswahili 88.5 FM Broadcast
     - Distance Learning Language Instruction

We are always a click or phone call away at: or +1 780 406 8384

Kiswahili Learning Centre                                     
9538 107 Avenue                                                  1480 Heron 
Edmonton, AB Canada                                      Ottawa, ON Canada
T5H 0T7                                                                    K1V 6A5
Tel: +1 780 406 8384                                            Tel:+1 613 282 1412/ 613 247 4808