International & Heritage Languages Association

With great thanks to Alberta Education, IHLA is once again able to offer the Mentorship Program to select IHLA member schools. 

For this program, selected schools (one newer school and one more established school) are matched to create a project in which they can learn from each other's experience and continue to grow. Newer or mentee schools benefit from learning from a professional partner that has experienced a similar challenge and found solutions, from finding access to resources and supports of which they may not be aware, and from learning what to do next. More established mentor schools benefit also from sharing their experiences and reflecting on how far their schools have come, from documenting processes which lead to school sustainability, and from helping someone else and contributing to a more inclusive, tolerant, and multicultural Canada. Mentor schools receive $3,000 for sharing their wisdom and mentee schools receive $2,000 to help build their programs. 

Requirements and eligability:

1. Schools both mentor and mentee must be IHLA members in good standing.

2, Schools must not have received the Mentorship Program in the 2016-2017 calendar year.

3. Mentor schools should be at least 7 years old.


1. Schools will meet regularly and document their discussions.

2. Schools will complete a final report which will be shared with the IHLA community at the final Principal's Meeting, on the IHLA website, and with Alberta Education.

The deadline for applications is December 15th, 2017! Apply using the form below.