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For Heritage School Leaders- Tuesday, September 25, 2018
The First Principals' Meeting

Edmonton Viets' Association (10534-109 Street NW)

Learn about the upcoming events that IHLA has planned for you this year. Learn about upcoming events, plan for the 2019 MLD book, and receive documents from last year's professional learning group.


For Heritage Language Teachers- Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Festivals, festivities, celebrations and more!

Hosted by Tracy Stener and Christie Noble

​Bannerman Elementary School (14112-23 Street NW)

Are you looking for new and creative activities that you can do with your students for Christmas, Diwali, or Lunar New Year? Experienced teachers and presenters, Tracy Stener and Christie Noble, will share with you lots of songs and activities which are great for cultural learning, motivation, and language development.

For Heritage School Leaders- Saturday, October 20 , 2018
Developing a Strategic Plan

Hosted by Rick Anderson

Edmonton Multicultural Centre, formerly the McCauley School Bldg. (9538 - 107 Avenue- 3rd Floor in the Changing Together Meeting Room).

Professional Development Training: Strategic Planning

Having a solid Strategic Plan is paramount in maintaining a successful organization.  The key ingredient often missing in many planning processes is an understanding of strategic thinking.  Developing sound decision-making tools and strategies takes your plans from action through to achievement, and helps you to remain on course during the implementation stage.

 In Session 1, through presentations and discussion, the instructor will walk you through core fundamentals of effective planning processes and will identify skills and tools that can enhance your ability to plan successfully.

 Session 2 will provide opportunity for interactive discussion and real-world examples to help illustrate and hone skills learned in the first session.  This session will also provide opportunity to explore potential challenges and opportunities specific to your own organization.

Instructor Bio: Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson has worked extensively with both the private and public sectors in agriculture, environment, and oil & gas organizations.  He has a background in range management, environmental planning and stakeholder engagement.  Rick is also trained and experienced in conflict resolution, interest-based mediation, negotiation and facilitation.

The primary focus of Rick’s work over the past 15 years has been with non-profit organizations.  He has provided strategic planning and developmental facilitation for a wide variety of non-profit organizations around Alberta in a variety of sectors.  In addition to leading planning sessions and providing training, Rick currently manages three regional and one provincial non-profit organization and sits as Chair for a national environmental organization.


For Heritage Language Teachers- Wednesday November 28, 2018
Project-based learning (PBL) for Teachers- Part One

Hosted by Kara Weis & Amélie Gladu 
8720 144 AVE, Edmonton, AB T5E 3G7

Are you aware that Alberta curriculum changes are shifting to a “more conceptually-based curriculum”? What does this mean for heritage language schools? This two part series is designed to help teachers use projects in their classrooms. In this first session, Antonella Cortese will help guide you through the early stages of PBL which include planning, and resource collecting, and developing projects. You have everything you need to know to start teaching with PBL in your very next class!

For Heritage School Leaders- Monday, November 19, 2018

The Second Principals' Meeting

School name- The Edmonton Viets' Association (10534- 109 Street NW)

Come and see what is new for Mother Language Day 2019. This year changes will be implemented so that the day continues to run smoothly and pleasantly for everyone involved. 

For Heritage School Leaders- Monday, November 26, 2018
School Leadership

Hosted by Milena Santoro

School name- The Edmonton Viets Association (10534-109 Street NW)


We get so involved with the work that must be completed, we are often not aware of our leadership or management approach. Have you ever asked yourself ‘what type of leader am I and what is my leadership style’? How would your volunteers, clients, staff and vendors answer that question? In this 3 hour workshop, you will discover how to:
Define leadership versus management – leadership
Define the difference between effective and ineffective leadership
Discover how your leadership style contributes to your success
Discover how to motivate, provide direction and implement plans
Discover your leadership style
Implement your leadership style

For more information on our courses and our certificate program, you can visit


For Heritage Language Teachers- January 17, 2019 6-9 PM

Teaching Canadian Style
January 17, 2019 from 6-9 PM
Hosted by Maria Lekkos-Carrozza

At Alberta Hindi Parishad Unit #104, 3907-98 Street
Are you an internationally-trained teacher or a volunteer who is trying to understand what it means to work in a Canadian school with Canadian kids? In this session you will learn about cultural differences and how these differences manifest in schools, teachers' responsibilities in the Canadian school system, how to find appropriate teaching materials, and review the very long process of getting Canadian teaching credentials. 

For Heritage Language Teachers- January 24, 2019 6-9 PM
Snapshot storytelling

Hosted by Weasel Tale (Karen Matthews and Judy Sillito-

at Nebula Academy 12023 81 ST, Edmonton, AB T5B 2S9

Do you teach your heritage language to high school students or to adult learners? This workshop is especially designed with you in mind. Come learn from the experts at Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling how you can take your adults through a language learning journey using snapshot storytelling. You will learn how to have students create a personally meaningful story, select and image and create a lasting memory- all in the heritage language!

For Heritage School Leaders- POSTPONED!

Creating a School Budget/ Creative Fundraising 101

Hosted by Sigrid Sollbach

What are the costs associated with running a heritage language school? In this session you will learn about how to create a school budget and look for ways to minimize costs. In addition, you will brainstorm a list of fundraising opportunities. You will learn where to contact AGLC for casino or bingo opportunities.


Mother Language Day February 23rd, 2019 (10 AM-2PM)

at the  

The Italian Cultural Centre (14230- 133 Ave NW, Edmonton AB, T5L 4W4)


For Heritage Language Teachers- Monday March 11, 2019
Project-based learning (PBL) for Teachers- Part Two
Hosted by 
Kara Weis & Amélie Gladu 
8720 144 AVE, Edmonton, AB T5E 3G7

In the second installment of this two part series teachers discuss the projects that they tried use projects in their classrooms. In this first session, you will be guided through the finer details of PBL and provided with guidance for evaluating your projects.



Speaking and Listening Activities- April 24th, 2019 6-9 PM

Hosted by Elsie Johnson and Karen Bradley from Eye on Literacy

#104 3907-98 Street (The Hindi Parishad)

Our Presenters, Elsie Johnson and Karen Bradley, are very experienced language teachers and teacher trainers in Edmonton. They will be sharing with us different materials that they have developed from their company EYE on LITERACY ( . These materials are designed to teach language learners how to learn to speak in a second language. Although they developed these materials for adult language learners, they have been used very successfully with younger learners and adolescents. Their philosophy is first to teach students how to speak about a picture before moving on to reading and writing activities so that when they do the reading and writing activities, they are meaningful for students. They want students to be able to connect what they can say with what they can read. Their workshop will focus on teaching beginner students, teaching low-intermediate students, and teaching intermediate students speaking skills.

For Heritage School Leaders-
Creating a School Budget/ Creative Fundraising 101- April 17, 2019 6-9 PM
Hosted by Sigrid Sollbach

Edmonton Viets Association (10534 - 109 Street)

In this session principals will examine different methods that they can use to fund their school. They will make a detailed list of costs associated with operating a school and look at ways that they can keep their finances in check. 


For Heritage Language Teachers- Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Developing, adapting, and sharing teaching resources

Hosted by Trudie Aberdeen (principles of adapting materials), Antonela Cortese (early childhood). Renata Krawczyk (elementary and Jr. high), Trudie Aberdeen (foundational literacy), Maria Lekkos (high school and adult leaders) 

Edmonton Viets' Association (10534-109 Street)

Do you ever feel like you are re-inventing the wheel when it comes to teaching materials? Do you feel like you have to create EVERYTHING? Why are there so many good teaching materials for French, but none for your language? In this workshop the IHLA team will help you to explore good teaching materials made in English that you can purchase and materials developed in other languages which you can adapt them to your particular needs. We will follow with breakout sessions based on age group so that we can share our ideas and expertise with one  another.

For Heritage School Leaders- Thursday May 16, 2019

Interviewing prospective teachers

10534- 109 Street

Sigrid Sollbach

In this session you will discuss teachers’ job descriptions, how to create an interview protocol, and how to evaluate responses to potential questions.

Principals' Meeting

May 22, 2019 6:30 -9:00 PM

10960-104 Street

This will be held at the Polish Hall, across from the Royal Alex Hospital.


Annual General Meeting- Monday June 17, 2019

10534-109 Street 6:30 PM

Take this opportunity to finish the school year, celebrate the IHLA accomplishments, elect a new board and make plans for the upcoming school year.

For Heritage School Teachers- Thursday June 20, 2019 6-9 PM

Language Portraits and Identity Texts

Renata Emilsson Peskova

Participants will learn about, see examples and create their own language portraits and their own identity texts. These tools are very interesting for all language learners because they are creative and personal. Both language portraits and identity texts can be done in oral or written form and suit all ages and language levels.

For Heritage School Teachers and Families-Monday June 24, 2019 6-9 PM

Family Language Policy and Raising Plurilingual Children

Kriselle Lou Suson Jonsdottir

It is often said that, “it takes one village to raise a child” but that “it takes two villages to raise a bilingual child”. Why is that? In this workshop, we will talk about how languages are chosen, used, and managed within the context of families and communities. We will also discuss and map out our own family language policies as an example of an activity we can do with our students.