International & Heritage Languages Association
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For Heritage School Leaders- Tuesday, September 25, 2018
The First Principals' Meeting

Edmonton Viets' Association (10534-109 Street NW)

Learn about the upcoming events that IHLA has planned for you this year. Learn about upcoming events, plan for the 2019 MLD book, and receive documents from last year's professional learning group.


For Heritage Language Teachers- Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Festivals, festivities, celebrations and more!

Hosted by Tracy Stener and Christie Noble

​Bannerman Elementary School (14112-23 Street NW)

Are you looking for new and creative activities that you can do with your students for Christmas, Diwali, or Lunar New Year? Experienced teachers and presenters, Tracy Stener and Christie Noble, will share with you lots of songs and activities which are great for cultural learning, motivation, and language development.

For Heritage School Leaders- Saturday, October , 2018
Developing a Strategic Plan

Hosted by

Location to be determined


For Heritage Language Teachers
Project-based learning (PBL) for Teachers- Part One

Hosted by 

School name

Are you aware that Alberta curriculum changes are shifting to a “more conceptually-based curriculum”? What does this mean for heritage language schools? This two part series is designed to help teachers use projects in their classrooms. In this first session, Antonella Cortese will help guide you through the early stages of PBL which include planning, and resource collecting, and developing projects. You have everything you need to know to start teaching with PBL in your very next class!

For Heritage School Leaders- Monday, November 19, 2018

The Second Principals' Meeting

School name- The Edmonton Viets' Association (1534- 109 Street NW)

Come and see what is new for Mother Language Day 2019. This year changes will be implemented so that the day continues to run smoothly and pleasantly for everyone involved. 

For Heritage School Leaders- Monday, November 26, 2018
School Leadership

Hosted by Milena Santoro

School name- To be Determined

Being a school leader is a difficult task. It involves more than just knowing your school. It involves knowing how your community operates, how funding systems work, and how to motivate and inspire people. In this workshop designed by Milena Santoro, you will learn about these topics and more. You will walk away feeling recharged and excited!  


For Heritage Language Teachers- January, 2018
Snapshot storytelling

Hosted by Weasel Tale (Karen Matthews and Judy Sillito-

School Name

Do you teach your heritage language to high school students or to adult learners? This workshop is especially designed with you in mind. Come learn from the experts at Weasel Tale Digital Storytelling how you can take your adults through a language learning journey using snapshot storytelling. You will learn how to have students create a personally meaningful story, select and image and create a lasting memory- all in the heritage language!

For Heritage School Leaders- February, 2018

Creating a School Budget/ Creative Fundraising 101

Hosted by

School Name

What are the costs associated with running a heritage language school? In this session you will learn about how to create a school budget and look for ways to minimize costs. In addition, you will brainstorm a list of fundraising opportunities. You will learn where to contact AGLC for casino or bingo opportunities.


Mother Language Day

The Italian Cultural Centre


For Heritage Language Teachers
Project-based learning (PBL) for Teachers- Part Two
Hosted by

School Name

In the second installment of this two part series teachers discuss the projects that they tried use projects in their classrooms. In this first session, you will be guided through the finer details of PBL and provided with guidance for evaluating your projects.

For Heritage School Leaders-

Supporting, developing, and evaluating teachers

Hosted by

School Name

Teaching in a heritage language school is a professional learning opportunity, one which gives meaningful work, great Canadian work experience, and leadership opportunities both inside and outside of heritage language communities. By examining teachers’ job descriptions, you will learn how to help teachers benefit from these professional opportunities. Topics will include letters of reference and formal teacher evaluation.

For Heritage School Leaders, Monday, March 18, 2018

Third Principals' Meeting

Edmonton Viets Association (10534- 109 Street)

We will be discussing the working handbook for heritage language schools, evaluating Mother Language Day, and discussing upcoming finances.


For Heritage Language Teachers-

Portfolio-based assessment

Hosted by Maria Lekkos

Location to be determined

Trying to figure out how to assess students in a multilevel classroom can be very hard. One way which can showcase how much students have learned is through portfolio-based assessment. Come learn with Maria Lekkos as she guides us through the steps of students choosing work which demonstrates what they have learned, reflecting on the work that they have done, and goal-setting for the next activity. Teachers and parents will learn how to use this tool not only for evaluation, but to see how students are developing along a language learning journey.

For Heritage School Leaders-
School advertisement and student recruitment

Hosted by

Location to be determined

In this session you will discuss how schools keep and find new students. You will explore new strategies for advertising your school, maintaining your school’s reputation as a learning environment, and looking for new families.  


For Heritage Language Teachers- Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Developing, adapting, and sharing teaching resources

Hosted by Trudie Aberdeen (principles of adapting materials), Renata Krawczyk (early childhood), Trudie Aberdeen (foundational literacy), Maria Lekkos (middle school), and Francis Wambugu (high school and adult leaders) 

Edmonton Viets' Association (10534-109 Street)

Do you ever feel like you are re-inventing the wheel when it comes to teaching materials? Do you feel like you have to create EVERYTHING? Why are there so many good teaching materials for French, but none for your language? In this workshop the IHLA team will help you to explore good teaching materials made in English that you can purchase and materials developed in other languages which you can adapt them to your particular needs. We will follow with breakout sessions based on age group so that we can share our ideas and expertise with one  another.

For Heritage School Leaders-

Interviewing prospective teachers

Hosted by

School Name

In this session you will discuss teachers’ job descriptions, how to create an interview protocol, and how to evaluate responses to potential questions.


Annual General Meeting- Monday June 3, 2019

Location to be determined

Take this opportunity to finish the school year, celebrate the IHLA accomplishments, elect a new board and make plans for the upcoming school year.