Digital Storytelling
November 21st (Tuesday) and 30th (Thursday) at 6-9PM
Nebula Academy (12023-81 Street/ T5B 2S9)

During these workshops you will:

  • Learn the benefits and practicalities of doing snapshot stories with your students
  • Experience a story circle (great for listening and speaking)
  • Get tips on how to conduct a story circle and record student stories
  • Learn how to turn student stories into digital stories
  • Explore the issues and ethics of using personal stories in the classroom
  • Take away handouts on the processes we explore

Bring a photo, an object, or a piece of your own writing (maximum one page) connected your experience of the theme of the day. As part of the workshop, we will conduct a story circle in which you will be given two or three minutes to share your story idea and receive feedback from the group.  It would be helpful, therefore, if you give some thought to the story you might like to tell beforehand.

Story Themes:
Tuesday, November 21st theme: A moment that changed my life for the better

Thursday, November 30th theme: My story of coming to and/or adapting to life in Canada

No other preparation is required for these sessions, just bring yourselves, a willingness to share your story, and something to jot down your thoughts and ideas. Handouts will be provided.

If you have any questions regarding preparation, feel free to contact us prior to the workshops. We look forward to seeing you there!

Karen Matthews and Judy Sillito

587 988-7493

About our facilitators:

Karen Matthews and Judy Sillito are founders of Weasel Tale (, an Edmonton-based company that consults and offers workshops on digital storytelling. Both have taught ESL for many years, and trained in digital storytelling facilitation with Storycenter in Berkeley, California. Judy is past president of TESL Canada. 


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